Northwest author Nick Malliris has spent 30 years in the advertising industry observing and studying the habits, attitudes and behaviors of consumers. He’s also spent considerable time and energy trying to understand the musings of his own mind. No small challenge, that! Along the way, he has gained his own unique insight into the collective psyche of the human condition that led him to conclude that quite often the decisions about how we make product choices is not dissimilar to the process used in making life choices. It can be random and spontaneous or carefully planned; chaotic or very logical. But mostly, the decisions we make about life and relationships–and, yes, the products we buy–are deeply emotional and personal. They are often based on motivations, insecurities, ego and needs that we don’t always understand and rarely even explore. All of that, plus an over-active imagination, a love of good story-telling, a deep affinity and appreciation for the intelligent, funny and brilliantly talented characters enriching his life inspired him to start sharing the stories spinning around in his head. Naturally, his first novel, Nordby: A Mindfully Unmeditated Place, takes place in a community very similar to Newberg, Oregon where his family runs a small vineyard in the fertile wine country of the Chehalem Valley.